Welcome to the 4BF (Four Bridges Forum)

Our goal is to increase use of the 4BF by Government, Aerospace, Defense, Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Higher Education program managers and application owners.


The nation’s leading federated identity trust hubs (see below) have joined forces to form the 4BF.


The 4BF facilitates trusted electronic business transactions across major federal agencies, US-based pharmaceutical companies, aerospace and defense contractors and colleges and universities.


Each member 4BF trust hub asserts the identity of participants across the entire federation.

Use the 4BF to

…ensure the integrity of online transactions

…reduce identity misrepresentation

…lower costs associated with identity management


How the 4BF works
Each 4BF member comprises multiple organizations using comparable policies and procedures to authenticate the identities of its participants.


Each authenticated identity is protected using sophisticated cryptographic technology.


Once authenticated, the identity is uniquely linked to a digital certificate, permitting digital signatures.


4BF Identity Benefits

  • The identity can be trusted across its originating hub and all other hubs with which it is linked. This allows for trusted interoperability between separate and disparate systems. 
  • The identity can be used to authenticate individuals to access a variety of resources and to conduct other important business transactions.

4BF Digital Signing Benefits

  • Digital signatures allow important business and regulatory transactions to take place in a fully electronic environment. Their use eliminates the need to handle, copy, ship and store paper documents and reduces carbon footprints.
  • Digital signatures are non-repudiable and generally legally acceptable.
  • Digital signatures keep messages confidential as they traverse the internet.



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